My Top 7 Tips for Getting Rid of Plantar Fasciitis (5 are D.I.Y.!)

Unfortunately there is not a single magic bullet for getting rid of plantar fasciitis (buyer beware of anyone trying to sell you “the cure” for plantar fasciitis).

Healing better and faster requires a comprehensive approach (you need to hit it from several angles at once).  Five of the top seven tips I recommend to my patients are “homework” (assignments you can do on your own without an insurance authorization or a prescription).  Here is a short, easy-to-follow video describing each tip:

When treating plantar fasciitis, it is always important to take into account one’s unique body, life style and life demands.  For detailed answers to specific questions about plantar fasciitis, check out my book, Killing Heel Pain– Your Final Freedom from Plantar Fasciitis.

Happy Healing and Strength to Your Feet!

Dr. Karen Smith, aka My Lady Foot Doctor

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Foot Surgery can be a Pleasant Experience (if you Plan Ahead)

Sometimes we are so busy taking care of others, we tend to feel lost or anxious when we finally slow down to take care of our own body. One of the most important tips I can give to people who are about to undergo foot surgery is to really be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally to really take it very easy, especially those first three days.

I like to tell my patients to plan for and even look forward to just laying around the house– have plenty of great entertainment like books and movies to enjoy!

Some of the worst surgical complications (such as pain, infection, blood clots, respiratory problems, nausea and constipation) can be totally avoided with a few simple tips. 

If you or a loved one have an upcoming foot surgery, here is a video of all the best preparatory steps and recovery tips that I review with all of my patients:

Wishing you happy healing and Strength to Your Feet!

Dr. Karen Smith, aka “My Lady Foot Doctor”

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2 minute trick to save your feet (especially if you have ever had heel pain)

Want to feel better, look better and perform better? (of course you do!) One of the healthiest habits for happy feet is more important than expensive insoles or top-of-the-line athletic shoes. Good leg muscle flexibility reduces stress, pain and risk of injury throughout the foot, especially the vulnerable plantar fascia ligament that can cause irritating heel pain (known as plantar fasciitis) when it is chronically overstrained.

I instruct my patients who have plantar fasciitis to stretch their calf muscles every day, even when their plantar fasciitis has fully recovered. Really, we should all be stretching our legs every day– there are so many benefits!  Stretching your calf muscles the correct way:

• Reduces generalized pain throughout the feet, because it reduces the force of impact that our feet  absorb with each step.
• Reduces risk of injuries including muscle strains, stress fractures and plantar fasciitis.
• Improves the fluidity of our gait, giving us a more youthful walk.
• Helps prevent relapse of plantar fasciitis (which is very common with plantar fasciitis)
It only takes 2 minutes!
It is totally free!

Watch my video below for some key stretching tips (your best natural weapon against heel pain from plantar fasciitis):

Two important keys to your final freedom from plantar fasciitis are:

1. Multiple, simultaneous and consistent strategies (plantar fasciitis can be very stubborn!)
2. Treatment strategies that are customized to you (your feet and your lifestyle)

For direct, easy-to-follow answers to all of your plantar fasciitis questions, please look for my award-winning book, Killing Heel Pain: Your Final Freedom from Plantar Fasciitis at your local library, favorite digital format or on Amazon.

Strength to Your Feet!
Karen Smith, DPM aka “My Lady Foot Doctor”

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